We look after our rivers.
With expertise and passion.

vizualizácia Compass, s.r.o.

What we offer

  • Designing modern solutions for upgrading and revitalizing watercourses with an emphasis on humane, aesthetic, naturally appearing, healthy ecosystems
  • Provision of the most up-to-date progressive information and education in the field of ecological management of water systems, upgrading and restoration of watercourses, in the form of presentations, trainings and field trips
  • Expert consultancy in the field of water management and river engineering for various projects

– restoration and conservation of natural aquatic ecosystems,
– development and rehabilitation of urban areas near riverbanks and watercourses,
– parks, recreational and leisure zones around riverbanks

Our aims and principles

  • We provide people with both progressive information and solutions in the field of management, upgrading and restoration of watercourses, which will improve or preserve the natural environment, while also meeting people’s needs.
  • We strive to fully understand the environment in which we work. Our solutions use and advance current expertise and improve the health of aquatic ecosystems.
  • We work in an atmosphere of cooperation. We believe that we can deliver quality results and solutions by sharing knowledge and a developing a culture of inspiring collaboration between the different experts on our professional team, our clients and local stakeholders.
  • Our goal is to develop unique solutions. We do not want to focus on the quantity of projects and services. Instead, we want to put extra effort into each project. This is exactly the difference that PEOPLE will feel when living with the RIVER.

Our core values

Top expertise, enthusiasm, passion for rivers, respect for and admiration of nature, positive inspiration, seeking solutions through dialogue, incorporating the views of local communities, collaboration with institutions, continuous education and trend tracking, honesty and integrity.

What does our name mean?

Alcedo is the Latin name of the kingfisher bird. Kingfishers are an indicator of a healthy river ecosystem.

The story of Alcedo River Clinic

The founder of the Alcedo River Clinic is Martin Mišík, a hydraulic and river engineer with many years of professional experience. He has worked on projects in a number of European countries, from Sweden to Turkey, most often in the Danube River basin, on the Danube and its tributaries. He also knows the channels and banks of rivers and streams as an active paddler and nature admirer. He combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience in perception of water flow, river processes and river management. He was inspired to start this company by watching life along rivers and streams and from discussions and cooperation with a variety of interesting people, with the strong belief that the sensitive coexistence between people and rivers is possible and the potential of which has until now been under-utilized.



Pribišova 7, 841 05

Bratislava, Slovakia

e-mail: alcedorc@alcedorc.eu

tel: +421 915 713 080